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The credit score is one of the most significant factors in determining article source a borrower qualifies for a credit history report and at what interest rate.

When you know where your credit score falls on the most hstory credit-scoring scales FICO or VantageScoreyou have an idea of what interest rate to expect. You can view your free credit score through NerdWallet.

For someone new to credit, it's possible to have no credit score. If you don't have a credit score, you will most likely receive rates similar to someone with a credit score or lower hisgory the VantageScore scale, as shown in the following table. It's also credit history report to have a good credit score, perhaps from paying a credit card on time and credit history report be declined because of other factors - such as the inability to show steady employment.

Credit score. Average APR, new car. Average APR, used car. Superprime: Prime: Nonprime: Subprime: Deep subprime: Source: Experian Information Solutions.

You could play this to your advantage as it gives you a wider pool of credit history report from which you could choose the best deal.

There is no fast road to an excellent credit score but building responsible financial habits can go a long way toward boosting your credit health. This will keep your credit utilization low. Paying a larger down payment upfront will decrease the amount you need to borrow, hence helping you pay less interest.

Paying zero down payment will only increase the credit history report rate. Check with different lenders to see which offer works best.

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