rural development loan virginia

Rural development loan virginia

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Minimum turnover: Rs 40 lakh for non-professionals and Rs 15 lakh for professionals as per audited financials. Business stability: In rural development loan virginia business for at least 5 years and minimum 3 years for doctors. Existing relationship with ICICI Bank: Minimum 1 year liability relationship Current or Savings Account or loan relationship either live or closed in the last 36 months; repayment track as required.

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On the other hand, not ever lender requires a strong credit score. Therefore, it is important you check on your credit score and ask the lender the minimum requirement to get a loan. Also, remember, a high credit score helps you get a high loan amount at low interest rate, whereas a low cibil score is likely to get your loan application rejected or approved at a high rate of interest.

Lenders in India have a minimum income requirement that you need to qualify to get your loan application approved. The income requirement may also vary from state to state. The income requirement for individuals residing in tier I and tier II cities may be high in comparison to tier III cities. A lender may require you to be employed with your current company credit accounts a few days or months to just click for source able to qualify rural development loan virginia a personal loan.

Additionally, if your company is not listed with the lender then your loan application is rural development loan virginia to get rejected.

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